The UN Partition Plan - Kaf Tet BeNovember

UN General Assembly Resolution 181,
29th November 1947

Welcome to our educator's resource bank for Kaf-Tet Benovember!

Our Resources

Map of Partition
Maps Index
 [all the maps in the first column are relevant]

Towards the Armistice
Kaf-Tet Benovember  
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Hagshama Department
History, with ideas for events (activities)

Best of the Web

UN GA Resolution #181 - full text with background ; vote count
MFA map

The Knesset
Feature, with photos and Hebrew map; UN GA vote on Resolution #181 - audio streaming

Jewish Virtual Library
More about the Partition Plan


The Knesset with history, photos, map, audio recording

Jewish Agency, Education Department
Resource and activity

Israel Ministry of Education:
Mazkirut Pedagogit (Pedagogic Secretariat)
Partition resources for integrated curriculum - poetry, civics, Zionism, maps, history, politics
Teacher resource, about 12 pages

Macam (Academic Teacher Colleges at Levinsky Institute)
Simulation game
Background & map'.htm

Aviv Virtual School
Feature page, great map, personal diary follows the summary

Ynet summary of 181 and aftermath,7340,L-15376,00.html
Yediot's 1947 front page on the vote appears here

Other sites
UNSCOP committee summary
Women fighters
The battles after 29th Nov 47
Zionism quiz



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