More of Israel + Judah + Prophets to Destruction of Israel

Year/Time Frame

Canaan/Eretz Israel

Jews Elsewhere

Jewish Culture

General History

8th Century BCE 735



















Jewish population: 1,330,000


Judah: 330,000

Israel: 1,000,000










Destruction of Kingdom of Israel














Ahaz (Judah) refuses to join Israel's fight against Assyria, seeks alliance with Assyria.












Israel is overrun by Tilgath-Pilezer III. New king (Israel) Hosea, submits to Assyria, assimilates to Assyrian culture. Inhabitants of Upper Galilee and Trandjordan exiled.


Hosea's rebellion against Assyria fails. Shalmanezer V (new king) invades Israel. Large numbers of Israel's population deported from Samaria =

10 lost tribes. Sargan II later organizes Israel as Assyrian province. [b]


Prophet Hosea foresees destruction of Israel by Assyria as divine punishment for religious- cultured decay.


Isaiah warns Ahaz not to seek aid from Assyria against Israel-Armenian onslaught- but to trust in G-d.
















Prophet Micah instigates Judean clergy for venality. Forecasts severe devastation of Jerusalem.





























Damascus falls to Assyria.




















Sargon II (Assyria) conducts many military campaigns.











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