Kings of Judah + Israel to Syrian harassment

Year/Time Frame



Canaan/Eretz Israel



Jews Elsewhere



Jewish Culture



General History









9th Century BCE






Period of Two Kingdoms

























































Period of the Prophets



871-475 BCE



















































































































































Asa (Judah) restores covenant of Lord.



Asa repels Baasha (of Israel)



Omri builds Samaria as capital of Israel. Marries son Ahab to Jezebel, princess of Sidon.



Omri reconquers land from Mesha (Moab)









Jehosophat (Judah) purifies ritual, organizes legal and civil administration.



Elijah the Prophet counters Ba'al worship in Israel.






Alliance between Ahab, Jehosophat, and Tyre. Extensive trade in area. Judah, Israel, and Syria brave off Assyrian attack. (853)






King Jehoram (Judah) loses Edom to the Moabites. Introduces Ba'al worship to Jerusalem.









Jehu purges royal family and becomes king of Israel. Surrenders to Assyria. [d] Elisha, the Prophet.



Ataliah, Queen of Judah. (Wife of Jehoram)






Joash, King of Judah; Ataliah executed.






Hazael (Syria) harasses Israel and Judah.
























Chaldean invasion of Mesopotamia (900-880)







































































































































War of Shalmanezer III (Assyria) against Syrian kings (849)




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