King David to assassination of Jereoboam's son

Year/Time Frame

Canaan/Eretz Israel

Jews Elsewhere

Jewish Culture

General History

10th Cent. BCE


United Monarchy


Jewish     Population 1,800,000





















c. 970

























Jewish Population Judah: 450,000









Period of Two Kingdoms - 922


Kingdom of Judah [a] (928-586 BCE)


Kingdom of Israel [b] (928-720 BCE)
















David controls Judah, Ruling from Hebron.





N. Israelite tribes join Judah, recognize David as king.


David conquers Jerusalem from Jebusites. Establishes religious center there. Continues with imperial conquests.


Solomon born.


Rehoboam born.



David suppresses rebellions by his son Abshalom and Sheba. Sons Adonijah and Solomon vie for throne.


Solomon's reign [h]

Alliances with other nations.

Builds port and merchant fleet.

Conducts international trade.


Dedication of first temple.


Solomon's death. Northern tribes secede. Rehoboam king of Judah.



Egypt's king Shishak (928-911) plunders Temple and Palace treasures. [h]


Jereboam moves capital from Shechem to 2 shrines in Bet-El and Dan. He makes the shrines of golden calves.


Period of fighting against Philistines. (Both Judah & Israel).


Jereboam's son Nadav assassinated by Baasha, who now rules as king.

















































Jereboam, King of N. Kingdom (928-907)
















Book of Psalms, largely attributed to King David.









Concepts of Davidic dynasty (Samuel  II, 7) and Mt. Zion as religious center, promulgated.

































The book of kings portrays Jereboam's act of idolatry.












Etruscans in Italy. Phoenicians in Sicily













Hiram king of Tyre (969-936)







Gezer calendar, earliest extant Hebrew text [g]

Describes agricultural activities.







Libyan dynastic rule in N. Egypt



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