Joseph in Egypt to Israelite Conquest of Canaan


Year/Time Frame

Canaan/Eretz Israel

Jews Elsewhere

Jewish Culture

General History

Late Bronze Age


16th Cent. BCE

Living in Egypt


























15th Century BCE

























 14th cent.  BCE

1313 (4)






The nation formed in Sinai Wilderness


1312 (4)













13th Cent. BCE

Israelites  in the             Wilderness

            1230 (1)

            1250 (2)

            1280 (3)

















c. 1250






Josef becomes Viceroy of Egypt. (1)


Jacob and family in Egypt. (2)





















Canaan falls to Pharaoh.


Hebrews become slaves in Egypt. (3) [a]

Amenophis II revolt in Syria  and Canaan
















Exodus (5) 600,000 men between 20-60 years old (altogether 2 mil people) [b]




Revelation on Mt. Sinai. (7) [d] G-d gives the torah to the Jewish people. The Tabernacle is erected in the wilderness. [e]








Exodus according to other sources.


The Stela of Moneptah [c] recalls the Egyptian king having destroyed Israel, a first archeological indication of their presence.

Moses dies (4) Israelites cross Jordan into Canaan.


Philistines settle on coast of Canaan.

Israelite conquest of Canaan Eretz Yisrael appointed to tribes.





































































Alphabetic writing developed in

N. Canaan (& linear script in Phoenicia) Ancestor of Hebrew writing?




































Note early reference to Ya'qub-'al (Jacob?) among Hyksos who govern Egypt.

Egypt: New empire established.

Obelisks some as sundials. Horses used to military advantage in Egypt. Note reference to "horse and rider" in 'Song of the sea" (4. Exod. 15)

First trumpets played in Denmark.

Hittite 24 sign cuneiform alphabet.[c]




Egyptian Empire from Nile to the Euphrates.

Assyria becomes independent.

Hittite laws established.

Crete and Minoan culture destroyed.

Beginning of Brahma rituals in India.

Shang culture in China.


Advanced shipbuilding in Mediterranean/ Scandinavian countries.


At this time Ramses II becomes Pharaoh and inaugurates great building (Abu Simbel). Note reference to Asiatic 'Apires (Hebrews?) who built city of Ramses.

(6 Exodus 1:11)


Phoenicians reach Malta.


1st Chinese dictionary

(40,000 characters)










Moab and Edom emerge as new political centers.






Middle Babylonian of Assyrian periods.

Hittite library has tablets in 8 languages


Emergence of Mexican culture.

Destruction of Hittite and Myeaenian kingdoms



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