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1st Century CE 6






























































































































































































































1st Century CE                 20











































































Augustus reorganizes Judea as a Roman province, deposing Archelaus after complaints against him.






Judea's capital moved from Jerusalem to hellenized Caesaria. Judea now under rule of Roman procurators. Oppressive taxation.






Roman census in Galilee sparks Zealot movement led by Judah of Gamla and Zadok, the Pharisee of Jerusalem.











































































Jews ask Rome for reduction of taxes, including those paid to Jewish tax collectors, serving the procurators.

































































































































Anti-Semitic outbreaks against Babylon's Jews due to activities of 2 Jewish (private militias). Much of rural population relocated to larger cities.






























Tiberius removes Jewish missionaries and converts from Rome. Such activity was recorded by Roman authors: Tacitus and Juvenal.

















































































Up to 3m. Jews populate the Roman Empire from Italy to Armenia.






In practice with change of location of Judea's capital, the Jewish state almost ceases to exist.






In judicial matters high priest was the nominal head but usually lackey of the Romans.






Paradoxically a degree of religious freedom. Sacrifices in the Temple were offered for emperor and Roman Temple. Copper wins, standards devoid of portrait of Roman Emperor.






The Zealots refused to recognize any other leaders but G-d.





















Sadduces politically active, set up their own court. (1)









During this period, Hillel was succeeded by his son Shimon, elevated to title of Nasi of the Sanhedrin. He was succeeded by Raban Gamliel I, a descendant of King David.






Hillel's disciple Yonatan ben Uziel, makes an Aramaic translation of the biblical books of the prophets.















The Sanhedrin issues religious policies for all imperial Jews. Comprising Jews from the whole region, this 71-person body included an influential Pharisee contingent. Regulated Temple matters and fixed the calendar.






Not responsible for capital cases, handled criminal cases. Centers like Tiberias had local court.






In the coming years the Sanhedrin will now move from place to place:



Jerusalem                   Yavneh          



Usha               Shephar'am      Bet She'arim    Sephorris         Tiberius



Shrine to Issa built in Japan.









































































































Third of Roman Italy (2 million) are slaves; law favors upper class of freemen.






Augustus dies, succeeded by Tiberius.









Golden Age of Latin Literature









Appearance of diamonds






























Third of Roman Italy (2m) are slaves; law favors upper class of freemen.









Augustus dies, succeeded by Tiberius.














































































Han dynasty of China (Confucianism) restored.










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