Year/Time Frame

Canaan/Eretz Israel



Jews Elsewhere



Jewish Culture



General History



4TH Cent. BCE (cont.)






Hellenistic Era



(332-164 BCE)













































































































Beginning of Seleucid Era








































































































Alexander the Great takes over Samaria and Judea. Generally did not interfere with Jews.




Receives Jewish deputation. Agrees not to set up idol of himself in Temple in exchange for Jews calling sons Alexander.




(331) Suppresses rebellion in Samaria. Settles Macedonians there.




Judea now small province. Thrives. Jews enjoy citizen status; undivided into classes.















































































Jews outside of Judea prosper;

set up altars in Lachish, Arad.











































Ptolemy captures Jerusalem- possibly exiled thousands of Jews to Egypt.

Jewish trading centers in Egypt, Greece.




Jews in Egypt Hellenized, enjoy full political rights.




Over next quarter cent. new Jewish arrivals not regarded as citizens: 2 Jewish cultures evolve.





















































































Jews arrive in Egypt with Ptolemy (acc. to Josephus)




Antigonus governs Judea, Samaria through districts

Greek culture takes root in Eretz Israel.




Alexanders' Jewish soldiers refuse to build pagan temple.




Samaritans build temple in Shechem in response to Macedonian foreign worship.


































































































































Book of Daniel relates story of faith in light of pressures of Babylonian kings to try the faith of 3 Jewish companions. Daniel foretells downfall of kingdoms of Babylon, Media, and Persia.






















Babylonian priest Berrosus


composes history of Babylon in Greek.




Alexandria founded in Egypt




333 - Alexander the Great conquers Asia Minor, Syria, Phoenicia, Persia, to become ruler of Nr. East. Carried Greek culture to ends of known world.




























Alexander dies.Generals Ptolemy, Seleucid, Antigonus vie for power of Greek Empire.




Ptolemy controls Egypt.










Ptolemy controls Eretz Israel; forced back to Egypt by Antigonus.
















Greek philosopher Epicures preaches contentment.

Ptolemy asserts himself as king of Egypt.








































Ptolemy usurps Seleucis who gained control over Eretz Israel from Antigonus.





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