Emergency Assistance Fund

Emergency FundGadi Shimshon

The Emergency Assistance Fund provides security details to Jewish schools, synagogues, and community centers around the world, so Jewish communal life can thrive even in the unfriendliest of places.

Although the majority of the world's Jews today live in physical safety, there are still significant numbers of Jews around the globe living in unaccepting locations, among anti-Semitic populations.

Security details are needed for Jewish centers and activities in communities including Argentina, Greece, Brazil, and South Africa. The Jewish Agency for Israel assists these communities in implementing special security measures at schools, Jewish community centers, and synagogues.  

Join us in helping Jewish life to thrive in countries where Jews fear for their physical safety. Providing security to a physical location potentially saves lives.

Contribute to the Emergency Assistance Fund so that Jews can continue to learn, pray, work, and meet as a community anywhere in the world they wish.


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