Atidim: Enrichment Programs for Gifted Students

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Atidim, "Futures" in Hebrew, prepares promising students from disadvantaged communities for higher education at leading universities.

Established in 2000, Atidim has paved the way for a brighter future for tens of thousands of Israelis from peripheral communities, including large numbers of Ethiopian immigrants and Bedouins and Druze. 

Atidim Programs are operated in part by The Jewish Agency’s contribution to Atidim:

Pre Atidim – Participants up to 12th grade

  • Pre-Atidim is designed for students in grades 7-12 who live in Israel’s geographic and social periphery, have advanced potential in the sciences, and are in the top third of academic achievement. Through activities such as the Incredible Machine Physics Competition and Virtual Science Competitions they received tutoring from engineers and scientists who are leaders in their fields.
  • Shpitzim is a university program for gifted high school students. The program gives elite high school students from peripheral communities the opportunity to explore academic research in the fields of Bio-Medical Engineering, Medical research, Water Engineering and more.
  • Women Scientists of the Future (Madaniyot Ha'Atid) is a Women only program for high school students, aiming to raise the number of Women in the leading faculties of engineering and science. 

Atidim – Soldiers Programs (Operated by the IDF)

  • Atidim Technological Military Cadets is a military Academic Reserve program for high school graduates, achieving a degree in engineering or science before their mandatory military service and then serving as professional officers.
  • Paamey Atidim enables high school graduates who did not qualify for the Academic Reserve, to apply for a Practical Engineer Training, serve in the IDF as professional Practical Engineers and complete their studies for full Engineers after finishing military service.

Post Atidim – Higher Education Programs

  • Atidim in Industry provides work experience at leading companies and financial support for university study for 21-30-year-olds.
  • Atidim Cadets for Public Service, which offers college scholarships to talented students who commit to work in the public sector. 
  • NAAM supports talented university students from the Arab sector who study Engineering and the Sciences in the Technion.
  • Halamish encourages ultra-orthodox men to pursue an academic degree in Engineering or sciences in Lev Institute in Jerusalem.
  • Take Off provides support for excellent university students who have been granted 'lone solider' status while serving in the IDF.

Atidim Alumni

  • Atidim Alumni Organization gathers thousands of former Atidim programs participants who hold a university degree to one large network of professionals in the files of engineering and science, all grew up in peripheral communities in Israel and now hold leading positions in the Israeli Economy and society. 

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Zohar Kaplan – Representative of the Jewish Agency at Atidim

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30 Oct 2013 / 26 Heshvan 5774