Service Year Enrichment Program (Shin-shinui)

The Jewish Agency for Israel ©

A new initiative provides training courses and Jewish learning for post-high school service-year volunteers.

Annually, thousands of motivated Israelis choose to defer their army service for a year to volunteer within, and behalf of, Israeli society. In response to an identified need for more professional training for these young volunteers, The Jewish Agency, in cooperation with the AviChai Foundation, is creating learning centers for Israelis in their "Service Year" (shnat sherut, or shin-shin).
The main purpose and vision of the enrichment program is to address issues connected to the volunteers’ Jewish-Israeli identity, and explore the Jewish values inherent to social activism. During the course, volunteers work with at-risk populations.
Now in its second year, the program has five new centers in various locations around Israel, which provide one-day courses every other week, aiming to reach 400 volunteers this year, who in turn impact thousands of Israeli lives.




30 Oct 2013 / 26 Heshvan 5774