Karmiel-Misgav-Pittsburgh Partnership2Gether engaged with the public in the development and planning of new P2G projects.
Over 60 people, P2G volunteers, municipal representatives, managers from a variety of organizations, community centers and school principals from throughout the Karmiel - Misgav area convened last week at the 'Yad Le'Banim' House in Karmiel, for a round-table discussion concerning the development of new partnership project ideas.
Ilan Meyer, the outgoing Misgav P2G co-chair presented the evening's objective while also providing a detailed explanation of the processes that the partnership has recently undergone. Recently we took the opportunity to take a good look at our successes, Ilan recounted, and we found that in our programs for children and young people the partnership has succeeded in establishing a tradition of meaningful programs, the home hospitality component is one of the pillars of every P2g program, the Mega-Mission that came to Israel last summer won the "Best Project" award for  our partnership, there is more transparency and reciprocity in our work with Pittsburgh and we also learned that the model in which each committee is led by two co-chairs, one from Karmiel and the other from Misgav, is a model that works best for us. We were however, unsuccessful in creating meaningful activity in our sub-committees, which led to a decision to modify the manner in which the committees will now operate, by developing a model in which volunteers will serve as project leaders. Another very significant challenge that we are facing involves finding suitable programs for adults.
Galit Hoffman, the Karmiel co-chair provided an overview of the partnership's mission and vision in which she emphasized the importance of the 'Kesher' (communications) and face to face (F2F) gatherings as central components of P2G programs.
Around the various roundtables that dealt with a variety of issues such as volunteer, youth, sports, senior citizen, education, the Israeli Experience and Regional Development delegations; participants were asked to sit for a discussion concerning those issues for which they had a close interest. Lively and open brainstorming sessions were conducted at each table under the guidance of the partnership's co-chairs and partnership staff, followed by a compilation of initial suggested projects from each discussion for development as P2G project proposals.
The path to  final approval of the various projects is a lengthy one, said Anat Sharvit- P2G Managing Director . Initially we will have to find an organization in Pittsburgh that will agree to join the proposed project and develop a joint program, only then will we be able to write a joint project proposal that can be submitted for approval by the Joint P2G Steering Committee. However, the more ideas and proposals that are brought to the table, the greater their chance of seeing any number of these projects reach the implementation stage.
At the evening's end representatives from each of the tables presented the dozens of ideas that arose at each of the roundtable discussions such as student gatherings, 'Beit Hamidrash', a joint program for marathon runners, An Israeli Journey for Women, student exchanges in the field of robotics, a program for photography in the community, a Living Bridge of Dance, a web-based competition for the "Partnership Anthem", exchange programs for musicians and choral ensembles, a joint bar-mitzvah program for grandchildren and their grandparents and the establishment of a regional center for the arts as well as numerous other creative ideas.
In a letter sent by Ilan Meyer to the event's participants, he wrote, "Thank you for your participation, commitment, seriousness, excitement and creativity. Now the hard work moves on to the lay chairpersons and staff members who will discuss each project proposal. It was fun and a great honor to be part of this wonderful partnership of amazing people on both sides of the ocean, I will always be with you in the my heart, and happy to assist in any way that I can".




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23 Feb 2014 / 23 Adar 5774 0