HaZamir: International Jewish High School Choir

Beginning next year, Karmiel/Misgav will be only third Partnership region in Israel to have a chapter of HaZamir: The International Jewish High School Choir, a program of the Zamir Choral Foundation. The Agency for Jewish Learning in Pittsburgh proposed the project and the Karmiel Conservatory could see the potential immediately for a new living bridge between Pittsburgh, Karmiel and Misgav. The AJL is home to Pittsburgh's HaZamir teen choir chapter. This year the program is in planning stages, setting the ground for recruitment of the new chapter in the region and familiarization with the culture and history of HaZamir. In March of this year, the Director of the Karmiel Conservatory, Diana Bucur, and the Conductor of what will be the new chapter in the region, Rima Frymak, will go to HaZamir's annual North American Jewish Choral Festival in New York, where all of the chapters-including the Israeli chapters-have a mifgash and cultural exchange. Afterward Diana and Rima will travel to Pittsburgh for an orientation to the community as preparation for the mifgash that will take place between the Pittsburgh and Karmiel/Misgav chapters in 2015.