Galilee Windows

The project offers a scenic introduction to the natural and human landscapes of Karmiel, Misgav and Pittsburgh.
Windows will be positioned in locations selected by a volunteer team; each will have a matching window in Pittsburgh. The windows will enframe points of scenic interest.
A QR will be attached to each window to enable a virtual and varied 'view through the window' by means of a designated website.
Possible ideas for website content might include hiking and orienteering routes, explanations about the various scenic sites, information about Klil, information concerning additional windows and their locations as well as matching windows in the partner community. Links will be provided to possible on-site activities, specific event-related schedules (e.g. Olive Industry Festival) and P2Gether information.
To provide back up to the website, the webmaster will have a dynamic BO system to provide frequent updates and enable flexibility in message and information updating between users.