Regional Entrepreneurial Innovation Center in Karmiel

The Moona Space was inaugurated at a January 2013 ceremony attended by NASA Director Charles Bolden Jr. and is situated and operates from its center in the heart of the region's Arab population for the benefit of all of the Galilee's residents. 
Moona is currently working on the establishment of a scientific-technology space in Majd El Crum. The space, which will open during the current quarter will offer a variety of technological workshops, courses and training programs alongside the production space with the objective of developing futuristic skills, supporting business and social initiatives and creating new job opportunities for the residents of the Galilee region. 
As part of the activities in the laboratory, Moona seeks to inaugurate a series of activities in the field of robotics that will enable area residents to acquire knowledge, skills and tools in the field, with the objective of developing cross-sectoral, multi-generational technological initiatives in the project. In the framework of this project Moona plans to accomplish the following: 
Establish a regional robotics team for FIRST composed of Jewish and Arab high school students from Karmiel, Misgav and the surrounding Arab communities and competed in the FIRST competition held in Israel. 
Develop at least 2 additional courses in the field of robotics (that will train participants in all of the various stages, from robot design to part production) for high school, college students and entrepreneurs. 
The Robotics teams will operate in the Scientific-Technological Space that will serve as a workshop for robotics activities, where they will be able to receive, alongside the theoretical and design training, practical experience in developing and manufacturing robot spare parts.