Kfar Sababa/Mama


The Kfar Saba—Columbus Partnership is offering a home away from home to Columbus youths who are in Israel for various long-term programs (3 months to one year).

With the goal of strengthening the ties between young people in Columbus and in Kfar Saba, the program offers a home away from home among hosting families for weekends, Jewish festivals and holidays.

The main goal of the program is to bring together young people in the Partnership cities, in the hope of strengthening ties to Judaism through the development of meaningful interpersonal ties.

Last year, about 30 young people from Columbus participated in various programs in Israel: Masa, IDF, yeshivas, midrashas and aliyah.

Before arriving in Israel, initial contact is made with them by contact people in Columbus, which constitutes the basis for the participation of young people in the program. On arriving in Israel, individual contact is maintained through the contact person in Kfar Saba, who invites the young people to take part in joint events, arranges for hosting families for them on weekends and holidays and assists in any day-to-day challenges they may encounter.