Tzipi Livni (1958- )

Minister for Foreign Affairs, Kadima Party Leader


Born in Israel, Tzipi Livni holds an LL.B. from Bar Ilan University and entered public life in 1996, moving into politics in 1999.

Livni was elected to the 15th Knesset as a member of the Likud party and served on government committes on Law and Justice; the Status of Women. In 2001 she was appointed to her first ministerial position, with the most significant being her tenure as Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development.

In the 16th Knesset, Livni served as Minister for Immigrant Absorption, Minister for Housing and Construction, Minister of Justice, and Minister for Foreign Affairs. When PM Ariel Sharon left the Likud in 2005, she followed him into the Kadima Party and, under Ehud Olmert's government in the 17th Knesset, she was reappointed to the Foreign Ministry position, also holding the position of Vice-Prime Minister. Her particular platform has been to emphasize transparency and integrity of government.

As a woman politician, Tzipi Livni has appeared to need to work against the system, which she has done with determination and commitment. In autumn 2008, Livni was elected chairman of Kadima and de facto acted as Prime Minister, but was unable to canvass a political majority in the Knesset, in order to form a new government. She therefore called new elections and led the Kadima party into an uncertain election outcome, with Ehud Olmert reverting to the position of Prime Minister of the caretaker government.

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