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Uzi Hitman [Chitman] came to fame as a solo singer in 1976 through his composition for Adon Olam (click on his personal website* to hear it) after beginning his career in an IDF troupe and working with other artistes like Boaz Sharabi, Lior Yanai, Nurit Galron, Avi Toledano and Ilanit. The new melody also brought him international fame through its popularity with Jewish communities worldwide.

He has composed and written over 650 songs, some of them classics in their own right, others popular Israeli hits. His collaborations on songs with other artists and lyricists were also very successful, and he has written for many of Israel's solo stars over two generations, including Shimi Tabori, Chaim Moshe and those mentioned above. His talent also led him into entertainment in the 1980s, particularly on children's TV, which became his preferred environment. He continued to compose and write songs, and a new album is due to be released shortly.

1978: Nolad'ti leshalom - I was born for Peace - was written for Ido, his newly born son, and - more publicly - to mark the Israel-Egypt Peace Process.
1991: Kan noladeti - I was born here - (Eurovision Song Contest, 3rd place)

Personal website There is an English biography behind the Hebrew version.
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Singer, songwriter and composer Uzi Chitman dies at 52, By Haaretz Service and AP

Song Titles with Hebrew text/English translation/transliteration/track links [Hebrew/English]

Ad Neshimati Ha'achrona – Until My Final Breath'achrona.htm

Adon Olam – Lord of the Universe

Ahavnu – We Loved

Ba'aretz Hazot – In This Land
See: Compositions #17/Artiste #11

Eretz Hatzabar – The Land of the Sabra (native Israeli)
See: Compositions #14/Artiste #9

Harei At Mekudeshet Li – You Are Sanctified To Me (Marriage Vow)
See: Lyrics #44

Kan Beiti / Kan Noladeti – Here Is My Home, This Is Where I Was Born

K'mo Sira Trufa – Like A Boat Breaking Up
See: Lyrics #71

K'mo Tzo'ani – Like A Gypsy
See: Compositions #59/Lyrics #72/Artiste #33'ani.htm

Lechol Echad Yesh – Everyone Has…

Lehatchil Mehatchala
See: Compositions #69/Lyrics #83'hatchala.htm

Nolad'ti Lashalom – I Was Born To Peace
See: Compositions #84/Lyrics #101/Artiste #45

Or Lagoyim – A Light Unto The Nations
See: Compositions #5/Lyrics #6

Nigunah Shel Hashechunah – The Neighborhood Melody
See: Compositions #85/Lyrics #102/Artiste #46

Ratziti Sheteda' - I Wanted You To Know

Todah – Thank You
Fully vocalized Hebrew version

Zeh Mehalev – It's From My Heart

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Personal website
Musical biographies
Hebrew biography,7340,L-2990884,00.html
About his songs,7340,L-2990951,00.html
Tributes by Yigal Bashan, Shimi Tabori

Songs with Hebrew only:

Od sipur echad shel ahava [Hebrew]
Laila beli cochav
Ratziti sheteda

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