Zevulun Hammer

Israeli politician, minister and Deputy Prime Minister.

Along with the rest of the Nation of Israel we grieve over the untimely death of the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Education Culture and Sport, and Minister for Religious Affairs,
Zevulun Hammer.



National Religious Party
Born 1936 in Haifa
Married, 4 children
Residence: Bnei Brak
Passed Away: 20.1.98




B.A. & Teaching Certificate, Judaism & Bible,
Bar-Ilan University
Graduate of the National Defense Institute
Honorary Doctorates from Bar-Ilan University, Yeshiva University,
Touro College & the Open University




Hebrew & English

Positions held in

7th Knesset : Deputy Minister of Education & Culture
8th Knesset :
Member, Foreign Affairs & Defense Committee;
Education & Culture Committee
Minister of Welfare
9th Knesset : Minister of Education & Culture
10th Knesset : Minister of Education & Culture
11th Knesset : Member, Foreign Affairs & Defense Committee
12th Knesset :
Minister of Religious Affairs
Minister of Education & Culture (from June 1990)
13th Knesset : Member, Foreign Affairs & Defense Committee
14th Knesset :
Minister of Education,
Culture and Sports Deputy Prime Minister

Chairman, Bar-Ilan University Students' Union
Member of the Presidium of the Israeli Students'
Association and responsible for the World Organisation
of Jewish Students Leader of the " Bnei Akiva"
Youth Movement Chairman of the National Religious Party
Honorary Chairman, International Mizrachi Movement





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