Aviv Geffen (1973- )

Singer and Song Writer

Aviv Geffen, one of the most popular singers among Israeli youth, began studying music at age six and writing songs at age seven. He taught himself how to play six instruments, and devoted himself to music rather than school, not graduating past the eighth grade. Although Geffen has certain physical infirmities, his controversial and well-publicized failure to serve in the IDF was based on conscientious objection rather than medical reasons--a particularly controversial decision for such a popular figure who is also the nephew of Moshe Dayan.

Geffen produced his first album in 1992 and since then has released five more. His songs voice a challenge to traditional values and address themes popular among youth - such as love, violence, drugs and alcohol, and parent-child relationships. His exotic appearance, ranging from his bizarre clothing to his heavy makeup, is reminiscent of David Bowie. Geffen was also one of the last artists to perform at the November 4,1995 peace rally in Tel Aviv at which Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated, and as such, one of the last to come in direct contact with Rabin.




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