1. Foreword to Educators, Acknowledgements

Foundation Chapters
2. Background: history, conflict, official statements, documents & analysis, maps, statistics, photos
3. Israel's Kidnapped Soldiers: biographies, images, articles, prayers
4. Ceasefire & the Day After: documents, scenarios, analysis
5. Conflict in the Era of Globalization: the social, regional and global picture

Enrichment Chapters
6. Stories from the frontlines: media, personal stories, in memoriam [Nir Cohen, Johan Zerbib, Roi Klein and others]
7. Stories from the Home front: personal stories, mobilization, multi-media inputs
8. Media: video clips, ppts
9. Solidarity

Response & Reaction
10. Responses by Israeli intellectuals
11. Israeli Media
12. Foreign Media
13. Antisemitism
4. See also: Ceasefire & the Day After

Educational Focus
14. Recommended educational activities: JAFI Education specials, Makom/NACIE Ilan Wagner/Hillel, Melitz resources, external resources.
15. Educational blogs: JAFI-Education English/Hebrew blogs, external blogs, etc.

See also: Kidnapped Soldiers
See also: Media



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