Menahem and Leah Elbaz / SKY GYM

Name of entrepreneurs: Menahem and Leah Elbaz

Place of residence: Pisgat Ze’ev, Jerusalem

Name of business: Sky Gym

Type of investment: Renovation of building, purchase of equipment, and advertising

Location: Rav-Mecher Shopping Center, Talpiyot Industrial Area, Jerusalem



The entrepreneurs, Leah and Menahem (“Meni”), have degrees from the Givat Washington Academic Education College and have been involved with the fitness and sports market for many years.

Menahem made Aliyah from France.

For eight years he has been working as a personal trainer at leading fitness clubs both in Israel and abroad. He won the Mr. Israel title in 2011 and is considered a leader in his field.

Leah and Meni met at a gym – a natural and familiar environment for them – where Leah was the administrative manager. The two decided to join forces, personally and professionally. They took first place in a pairs’ competition in bodybuilding, and decided to strike out together in a new direction: opening their own gym.

During their own training sessions, Leah and Meni formulated their plans to open a unique gym with a special focus on personal training and goal-setting.



Sky Gym opened in 2012 and is a unique fitness club that offers customers personal training and support until they achieve the goals they set for themselves.

The facility covers an area of some 168 square meters (1800 square feet), and includes a training space, changing rooms, and rooms available for rent where the gym holds classes such as yoga and aerobics.

The business concept centers on an innovative approach in which most training sessions take place in small groups of up to 5 people. Leah and Meni already have around 55 regular customers who each come to train three times a week. There are also customers who train less regularly, such as once or twice a week. The gym also sells nutritional supplements.

Meni and Leah would like to thank the UJA Federation of New York for nurturing entrepreneurship in Jerusalem, for helping them to realize their dream to open their own gym with their own concept. The New York Jewish Federation has helped them create a fitness “home,” as well as a source of income.