The Jewish Agency's Loan Funds assists entrepreneurs in Israel's geographic and social periphery in opening or expanding small business, and thus creating numerous employment opportunities.


The Jewish Agency’s Loan Funds were initiated by Jewish communities in the United States, and have been successfully developing Israel’s economy since 2001. Today six different loan funds assist entrepreneurs and business owners in Israel's periphery through loans with highly attractive conditions enabling them to open or expand their businesses.

How does it work?

The Loan Funds program is operated by The Jewish Agency’s Partnerships Unit, which also oversees Partnership2Gether and a variety of projects that build connections between Israeli communities and Jewish communities around the world. Our most notable partners in our Loan Fund initiative are the Jewish communities of New York, Miami, MetroWest New Jersey, Pittsburgh, Detroit, and the Central Area Consortium.

The Jewish Agency’s agreements with the banks allow us to leverage donations received from our partners to four times their value: every dollar contributed makes possible a loan of four dollars. The Jewish Agency acts as a partial guarantor for the loans, to support those businesses that otherwise would have a difficult time qualifying for loans or presenting the necessary collateral for them.

Our Loan Funds are based on a revolving collateral pool: each loan paid off allows the granting of a new loan. So far the return history is especially high standing at over 98% of the money given.

So far, our loan beneficiaries have received a total of nearly 170 million NIS in loans (over $49 million).

Compared to those of other loan funds, The Jewish Agency’s loan approval process is simple and quick. Additionally, the business owner is guided throughout the process by a loan fund coordinator, who uses an innovative internet loan fund-management system.