Avi Misheli and Nurit Levy / CAFFIT

Entrepreneurs: Avi Misheli and Nurit Levy

Age: Avi–45, Nurit–40

Place of residence: Kfar Adumim

Name of business: Caffit branch in the Botanical Gardens

Type of investment: Opening and renovating a café in Jerusalem’s Botanical Gardens

Location: Botanical Gardens, Jerusalem


Nurit has as bachelor’s degree in education from David Yellin College in Jerusalem and previously worked as a teacher, while also waitressing at the Caffit café in Jerusalem’s trendy German Colony neighborhood.

Her work as a waitress piqued her interest in the food services industry, and she devoted herself to learning more about the business. She progressed to shift supervisor and then to manager of the café.

Avi has a master’s degree in education. In the early 1990s he managed an Italian restaurant in the Netherlands.

Recently he served in a Special Forces unit of the Israeli police, as a team commander.

Nurit recognized the business potential of opening a franchise of Caffit (the café’s first) in the Botanical Gardens, and invited her neighbor, Avi, to join her in the venture.


Caffit is a popular café and dairy restaurant in the upscale German Colony in Jerusalem. It has been a well-known culinary institution since 1987. The restaurant maintains a reputation for high quality foods, and is known for its professional and uncompromising service. These factors made Caffit one of the city’s leading restaurants.

Avi and Nurit chose the location for the chain’s second outlet with great care. They placed special emphasis on ambiance, accessibility, convenience, and the value-add of the locale. They chose a location where restaurants had previously operated, which facilitated the renovation process; the new Caffit opened in 2008.

Located next to a lake with swans, and surrounded by the flora of the Botanical Gardens, the new Caffit branch enjoys a pleasant and charming atmosphere. Nurit is responsible for managing the restaurant, including its rigorous service. Avi helps with the financial management.

Together they have established an impressive enterprise that employs 60 staff. Avi and Nurit are currently considering renovating the outside patio, so that their restaurant will be able to accommodate an even greater number of customers.

Avi and Nurit would like thank the UJA-Federation of New York Entrepreneurial Loan Fund for Jerusalem for its assistance and trust, and for the opportunity it gave them to open a café-restaurant on a large scale.