Kol Ami

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Post-high school service-learning in Israel's center where Israelis and young adults from global Jewish communities learn and work together

Kol Ami is a post-high school preparatory program with a unique syllabus focusing on issues of peoplehood, Israel engagement, and the bonds between Israelis and the Jewish people abroad – and volunteering in the local community.

The current group of participants includes Israelis as well as young people from Australia and New Zealand.
Kol Ami strives to build and promote young, idealist and ambitious leadership which focuses on social responsibility and to position Israel as empowering and, in turn, being empowered by the Jewish communities around the world. 



Kol Ami Mechinah

Kol Ami Mechina Kol Ami Mechina Kol Ami Mechina Kol Ami Mechina
27 Oct 2013 / 23 Heshvan 5774