Young Jewish Leadership

A group of young adults from Netanya are working as leadership group in their community and the Partnership. The Netanya group meets once-twice a month, and the meetings are divided into two sessions: the first part includes learning sessions or a workshop about the main elements of the program – leadership, Jewish pluralism, peoplehood and community responsibility; the second part features discussions and decisions making about programs for young adults in Netanya's community or for both communities together (Netanya and Cincinnati). 
In accord with the group's objective to reach out to other young adults, it initiated a lecture series held at the Leganski pub in Netanya. The first lecture was delivered by Dr. Gadi Ravid, a senior lecturer in human resource from Netanya Academic College.
The Netanya group works with YAD (Young Adults Department) of Cincinnati's Jewish Federation, holding joint video conferences in which they will discuss the main elements of the program and the similarities and differences between both communities. The highlight of the program will be a meeting between the two groups, either in Israel or Cincinnati.
The two groups together in Cincinnati