Cyber Pioneers

The Cyber Pioneers project is intended to train students in the field of information security as a field that is rapidly developing on many levels. This project identifies talented students in Grades 5 8 who have the requisite knowledge and curiosity and invites them to participate in an innovative course that will deal with exciting topics from the world of information protection an introduction to cyberspace, masking and revealing passwords, phishing, browsing TOR, proxy servers, storage servers, etc. In addition, the students will be exposed to understanding the threats to the network, concepts of cyber burglary, and the conditions needed for an event to occur, to increased awareness of the possibilities of protecting the project on the network and to awareness of the lack of anonymity in cyberspace and the possibilities of tracking information on the network. The course will be led by a team of specialists in the field and will expose the students to existing professional information and enable real time experimentation in cyber industry, including educational visits. The topics covered will be software programs (Python, Java Script, Java, HTML, C), information protection, information systems, development of windows phone applications, development of I phone applications, Android, and Facebook applications.