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We wish to acknowledge the authors, editors and publishers for their kind permission to republish these books and articles. This material is copyrighted. No part of it may be stored, transmitted, abridged, or reproduced without permission from the copyright owner or Editor.

Books and Articles

I. You Failed Your Math Test, Comrade Einstein ©
Edited by M. Shifman,

You failed your math test, Comrade Einstein Part 1 109 pp, PDF

  • You failed your math test, Comrade Einstein Part 2 120 pp, PDF
  • Epilogue: Through the Prism of Time – Angles of Reflection, M. Shifman. PDF
  • II. Life and Death of the Mastermind of Supermathematics ©
    Felix Berezin. M Shifman, Editor

    The English version of this book is reproduced with the kind permission of M. Shifman.
    Includes Mathematical papers and discussion of the Jewish People's University. 255pp, PDF

    III. About the Jewish People's University & In Memoriam






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