Conversion Controversy 2008 - 6

Further References

The Jewish Agency for Israel/Education: Conversion Controversy

Israel Conversion Resources

Itim Institute, The Jewish Life Information Center^l6

Israel Ministry of Absorption: Giur (Conversion to Judaism). [English] [Hebrew] [Russian]

Accepting the Convert: Extensive Biblical and Talmud quotations on home page 
Aish: Summary article
Becoming Jewish: Helpful background summary
Chabad: Story of the Ger Tzedek of Vilna

Hillel: Students converting in the USA
My Jewish Learning: Articles on related topics
Ohel Sarah Imeinu: Orthodox Women's programme, with personal stories

2008 Conversion Crisis

Pro-Druckman, Itim conversions  [information]
JOFA protests potential conversion annulments to Israel's Supreme Court,7340,L-3553400,00.html 
Yisrael Beitenu  [op-ed]

Jerusalem Post
Tourist visiting Israel quizzed about his conversion in the USA

Gesher survey on conversions favouring the IDF and Druckman,7340,L-3553793,00.html
Min of Absorption survey on conversion: majority of Israelis support conversion, prevent assimilation,7340,L-3552181,00.html 
Anti-Druckman Conversions 
For secular conversion 

Prepared by: . Gila Ansell Brauner with: Igal Lapidus, Esther Carciente  The Department for Jewish Zionist Education, The Jewish Agency for Israel ©
June 2008 - Sivan 5768



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