Conversion Controversy 2008 - 5

Exploration & Discussion

1. As a group, make a list of all the major "actors" (agencies, organizations, etc.) involved in the issues related to conversion to Judaism in Israel, and divide up so that pairs [or threesomes] can explore the position of one or two actors, using the references linked in the article and those below.

2. Each pair is asked to relate in role to the quotations on this page , as it prepares a very short statement on behalf of the "actor" or actors they are researching. Presentations follow.

3. Pairs may now raise questions to each other about their positions.

4. Pairs are teamed up with another pair, in no particular order. The assignment is to assess the position of applicants for conversion to Judaism in the Diaspora and Israel in light of these positions and to explore the implications.

5. Each small group presents their conclusions. The group is asked to discuss what they think Ruth and other notable Jewish converts would have to say about the present situation and what they would recommend. 



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30 Jun 2008 / 27 Sivan 5768 0