Conversion Controversy 2008 - 4

General Implications

1. Questioning these and similar conversion procedures has the potential to affect the lives of tens of thousands of people, even as it undermines Israel's weak governmental system and underscores the challenge of the non-Zionist hareidi sector to the Israeli political establishment.

2. The pundits are also saying that the takeover of the Israeli rabbinical establishment takeover by the ultra-orthodox, non-Zionist sector has consequences not only for religious Zionism - now politically out in the cold - but also for the future of  Israel and the status of Judaism in Israel, as well as in the eyes of the Jewish Diaspora and the world.

3. There have been counter-proposals to move on issues of Religion and State. However, the take on Israeli reality shows that it is highly unlikely that the Chief Rabbinate will be disestablished in the near future, but wide disaffection with its treatment of the Russian-speaking Israeli public in an election year would be a significant factor in Israeli politics.



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30 Jun 2008 / 27 Sivan 5768 0