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In a message dated 9/11/2001 2:18:49 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Daniel writes:

It was a day that started like any other day. It was a sunny, bright September day as I was driving to my office in Jersey City, NJ, directly across from the Hudson River from the World Trade Center. As I was driving in, I noticed that smoke was billowing from one of the Towers and thought there certainly must be a fire. I turned to the radio but there was no immediate news report as to what was happening, then they broke their broadcast to indicate that a small plane had run into the Tower. Thinking that it must be a similar situation to when a B-17 flew into the Empire State Building in 1945 and thus an accident, I continued on. As I was on a ramp looking at the flames, I noticed another plane that flew directly into the other Tower. This was no accident. I got to the office building directly across the Hudson and stood with others as we looked on in disblief. I went to my office on the 6th floor and my colleagues were looking at the windows. We watched as people jumped and as the south Tower collapsed. We were then told to evacuate the building. I headed down the fire escape and to the parking lot and into the car. Driving out, there were jets and helicopters flying overhead which was frightening since the building next to us was a high rise 50+ story building. As I headed west, I looked over and saw the second Tower collapse.

I am home now, one person from my office is still unaccounted for who comes through the PATH in the WTC. The people who work in the NJ office and live in NY are stranded in NJ since they closed the tunnels and access to the City. We are calling friends who we know from our shul and town since dozens work in the City and the WTC.

To say it was horrific would be an understatement and there are no words to describe the carnage and surreal nature of this attack which is, by all accounts, happening across the country.

I drove in this morning and could see the World Trade Centers standing in the distance. In a flash, the towers are down and the tragedy and loss of life are a reality. Still hard to believe.

Certainly our worst nightmare has come true. This means war against someone, damn them.

Stay safe. Gd bless.




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