PHOTOS: Children Evacuated from Carmel Communities Were Taken to the Amusement Park in Tel Aviv

December 6, 2010 /  29 Kislev 5771

Around 1,300 children and youth from Tirat Hacarmel and the Yemin Orde youth village, several of whose buildings were destroyed, had a full day of fun at the “Lunapark” located on the exhibition grounds, Rokach St., in Tel Aviv.

Chairman of the Jewish Agency, Natan Sharansky, visited the amusement park, welcoming the children and expressing support at this difficult time.

The educational activity organized during this Chanukah vacation by the Jewish Agency is in coordination with the relevant authorities according to local needs and is run with the assistance of the Migdal Or Association and the Hanoar Ha’oved ve’Halomed youth movement.



Photo Credits: Brian Hendler


If you are capable of helping the evacuees and victims, please open your hearts and give what you can for this cause through the Jewish Agency today.

For further information contact:
Michael Jankelowitz,
Liaison to the Foreign Press, Jewish Agency for Israel
Mobile: +972-52-6130220;
Voice-mail: +972-2-620-2780



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