President Peres Hanukkah Greeting 

December 9, 2009 / 22 Kislev 5770

President Peres Offers Hanukkah Blessing to Jews Around the World

The blessing can be viewed at the President’s new YouTube channel:

Israeli President Shimon Peres uploaded a special Hanukkah blessing to his newly launched YouTube channel. Through the channel the President hopes to strengthen the ties between Jews inside and outside Israel. Viewers are encouraged to reply to the President’s message with their own comments and video responses. In particular, we encourage viewers from across the world to share with us their own candle lighting and blessings. A full transcript of the President’s blessing can be found below. The blessing is available on YouTube:

We encourage you to screen the video to your respective communities. We also encourage you to embed the video or post a link to it on your website.


Dear Friends: Yesterday I blessed my Arab citizens because they had their holiday which is called Eid-el Adha, a holiday of good will. Tomorrow, I am going to bless my Christian citizens; they are going to have Christmas. But now, it’s time of Hanukkah, our own holiday; full of light, full of optimism, full of hope. Not that everything is so easy and promising, but it’s a clear declaration that finally light will win the day. We are going through a difficult period of time. There are many dangers, the Iranians, there are many difficulties, like the negotiations of peace but I am in charge of optimism. I have the right to be one. Most of the things we have hoped for came true. We continue to hope they will come true as well. We would like to be a contributing people, we can be a contributing people; not only in science and technology, but also in peace and promise. The greatest of them is that all children, ours, the Arabs’, the Christians’ will arrive to a day when their mothers do not have to worry about their safety, which means peace. Light and peace are the two things on which Jewish heritage are based. Thank you. Happy Hanukkah, Chag Hanukah Sameah.

For More Information:

Ayelet Frish – Spokesperson of the President 050-620-5111
Meital Jaslovitz – Assistant to Spokesperson of the President 050-420-5230

For further information contact:
Michael Jankelowitz,
Liaison to the Foreign Press, Jewish Agency for Israel
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Voice-mail: +972-2-620-2780



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