Natan Sharansky- Update on Conversion Law

January 10, 2011 / 5 Shevat  5771

Dear Friends,

I hasten to inform you that last night we concluded an agreement with all relevant parties in the Israeli government and with representatives of the Conservative and Reform movements to extend the moratorium on unilateral steps related to conversion by six more months.

During this period none of the parties will file court petitions or present bills in the Knesset plenum related to conversion.

No doubt this very important achievement gives us an opportunity to continue the meaningful dialogue in order to preserve Jewish unity.

It was also agreed that during this period that Cabinet Secretary Zvi Hauser and I will co-chair a roundtable on conversion that will include representatives of the Interior Ministry, the Justice Ministry, the Reform and Conservative movements and others as necessary. This roundtable will deal with requests and concerns of converts from Israel and overseas who encounter bureaucratic and other difficulties because of their conversions.

Those who have followed this issue and understand the difficulties and sensitivities can appreciate this meaningful step in making the dialogue feasible and constructive.

With warm regards,

Natan Sharansky

For further information contact:
Michael Jankelowitz
Spokesman to Foreign Press
Jewish Agency for Israel
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