Jewish Agency Beneficiaries at the GA 2010

November 1, 2010 / 24 Cheshvan 5771

Vladimir (Zeev) Milner - made Aliyah from Russia through the Selah program, was a lone and combat soldier at the Border Police, was active in the Jewish life in Russia, He participated in summer camps in the FSU, was a Birthright counselor for FSU students during his army service, his mother came to Israel with the help of the Jewish Agency during his army service. He currently studies his B.A in Political Science at the Hebrew university. His studies are supported by the Jewish Agency through the Students Authority.

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Moises Lemor - Moises made Aliyah from Lima, Peru in 2005. He is 24 years old. He was raised in a typical South American Jewish family, with strong ideals of Zionism, traditional Judaism and Jewish values, as help to the needy. He was also very active at the youth movement "Hanoar Hazioni" in Peru. Upon making Aliyah, he studied in the Jewish Agency's Kibbutz Ulpan program in Ma'agan Michael. Afterwards he did a preparatory program at the Hebrew university and then joined the army and served as a lone soldier. Today, he studies International Relations at the Hebrew University.
In addition to his studies, Moises works at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center's Young Knesset project as a madrich (counselor) and as a coordinator. This project teaches Israeli youngsters, groups of birthright or Jewish schools groups, through simulation, how the Knesset works and allows them to be a part of the law-making. He is also active in explaining new immigrants and potential immigrants about their options in Israel and their future rights. Moises also volunteered in Ethiopian community centers and Wizo Child centers with children at risk.

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Olga Baskin is 27 and living in Ashdod. She came from the city of Bobruisk- the long ago capital of Jewish Belarus. Today there are only about 1500 Jews there including Olga's whole family. Olga tells a story about being 5 yrs old in Belarus. Her friend said to her that she didn't want to play with her anymore "because my mom said that you are Jewish ." Olga didn't really know what "Jewish " meant but she sensed that it was really bad. Olga started crying and told her friend " I'm not Jewish, I'm a good girl." Running home with tears, it was her mother who held her tight and explained to her what it means to be Jewish and from that day she knew that she was a good…Jew. When she was 9, after the fall of the iron curtain, Olga was able to study in Jewish school and explore her roots, and was even able to teach her parents about being Jewish. Eventually Olga became a doctor in Belarus and worked there as a physician for 4 years. Last year she came on a special MASA program for doctors from the FSU and because of the special experience she had on that program she recently decided to change her status and become an Israeli citizen.
Olga currently works as a Doctor at the "Asaf Harofe" hospital in Israel and fulfilling her dream.

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Shlomit Bicha – her parents came from Ethiopia during the 70th in a secret operation. She was raised and studied in Ashdod. She participated in the Tanach quiz. After finishing high school, she served at the Police. Upon finishing her army service, she worked with children and youth at risk and with the Ethiopian community. She worked for a while, traveled and came back to work with children at risk. She currently works as a "Youth Futures" trustee in Bat Yam with children at risk. She is responsible for 16 kids at the ages of 10-11. At the same time, she is working on her B.A in Criminology at Ashkelon College.

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Please note that Shlomit is not final yet.

Alma Sifrim – Lone soldier that is originally from Argentina. At the age of 7 she moved with her family to Winnipeg, Canada. She studied in Jewish schools. When she was 15, she arrived to Kiryat Shmona in the North of Israel for the first time for 3 weeks as part of the Jewish Agency's Partnership 2000 program. That what made her make the decision that she wants to move to Israel. She decided to come to study in Israel right after through the Na'aleh program. She studied for 3 years (grades 10-12) in the youth village Mosinzon in Ramat Hasharon. She finished all her exams and decided to stay in Israel and join the IDF. The joined "Garin Tzabar" program that runs by the Scouts movement and supported by the Jewish Agency and the Ministry of absorption. She says that the time that she has spent in Kibbutz Yiron before her army service was the best time of her life. She currently serves as a lone soldier at the IDF Armor brigade and train soldier to shoot mortars.

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Naomi Efrat – 27 years old, Naomi Efrat received her BA in behavioral science from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. She has been involved in social action for 13 years, serving as a program coordinator and educator, and currently serves as the partnerships director of the Shahaf Center for Community Development. In this role, Naomi is in responsible for developing the growing network of socially involved communities in Israel and the cooperative ventures among them. Additionally, she directs the Nahal Kehilla project, which guides groups of young Israelis through a year of national volunteer service, their military service in the Nahal brigade of the IDF, and the time following their service, during which they establish socially involved Young Communities in Israel's periphery. Naomi has lived in the Kama urban community in Beer Sheva for the past 5 years, and is a member of the Tor HaMidbar Association, the platform for social involvement through which the community operates 6 projects in the Negev region and the rest of Israel.

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About the Kama urban community: The Kama urban community is a group of 14 families that decided to establish an urban kibbutz, to live together as a community in the Beer Sheva, a peripheral town in the Negev, and to engage in social change action.

Liat Demoza – made Aliyah with Her family in 1983 from Ethiopia through the Sudan desert. She has a B.A in Informal Education and Sociology and Anthropology from Bar-Ilan University. Liat volunteered at advocacy on behalf of "Israel at Heart". Liat works as a mission coordinator at the 'Resource Development & Public Affairs unit of the Jewish Agency.

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There is one more speaker that is covered by JFNA:

Sofi Shomer – she was born in Siberia, USSR on October 5th, 1987. As soon as it became possible for Jews to leave the country in 1991, at the age of 3, she and her parents repatriated from Siberia to Israel. After they repatriated, they lived in a caravan neighborhood in Bat-Hatzor for two years. In 1994, after the birth of her sister, they moved to Afula (a northern city in Israel), where they still live today. Sofi joined the Atidim program, studied at the Technion university and joined the IDF afterwards. She currently serves as an IDF officer at the Air Force.

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Sessions, Plenary and meetings with beneficiaries:

Sunday, November 7
Joint JAFI-JDC Session - Responsible for One Another: Why Overseas Giving Matters Today will take place on Sunday, November 7 from 4:00pm-5:30pm. Shlomit Bicha (not final yet) or Liat Damoza


Negev & Gallil reception organized by JFNA - 6:00pm
Beneficiary: Naomi Efrat

Monday, November 8

11/8/2010, 8:45 AM - 10:15 AM in the rooms Bayside B/C in the Sheraton hotel Speaker: Sofi Shomer


Closing the Gap by Educational & Employment Stimulation - is this enough? 11/8/2010, 8:45 AM - 10:15 AM – I'm the organizer of this panel on behalf of Eitan Wertheimer and will be there.

Beneficiary: Naomi Efrat


Plenary, will take place on Monday, November 8 at 10:45 AM.

Moises Lemor
Liat Damoza

November 8, 7pm
Sofi Shomer will be a guest at a meeting that the Philadelphia federation is organizing

Tuesday, November 9th

Making Partnership Bloom: How the Negev is Transforming Israel and its Relationship with North American Jewish Communities Amram Mitzna (Mayor, Yeruham) , Bobbie Higer (Co-Chair, Miami Yerucham Partnership, Miami)

Beneficiary: Naomi Efrat

Lion of Judah conference, November 10th:

Wednesday, November, 10 at 8:45AM and 10:00AM.
Facilitator: Leah Golan
Speakers: Shlomit Bicha (not final yet), Naomi Efrat, Liat Damoza

Speaking Engagements for Alma & Moises after the GA

Tuesday 11/9 – Rutgers University – 8pm – Alma & Moises
Wednesday 11/10 – New York University – 7:30pm – Moises and Alma
Thursday 11/11 – Queens College, CUNY – 12:30pm – Alma & Moises
Thrusday 11/11 – Hunter College, CUNY – 7pm – Alma & Moises
Friday 11/12 – Columbia University – 6:30pm – Moises
Friday 11/12 – University of Texas, Austin – 6:30pm – Alma
Saturday 11/13 – Synagogue in Texas – 12:30pm – Alma

Organized by: Yoni Mann

Sofi Shomer - after the GA

Sofi will be in Philadelphia after the GA, November 10 and will have meetings organized by the Federation.

Thank you,

Racheli Ben-Lulu
Director of the JAFI Speakers Bureau
Resource Development & Public Affairs Department
The Jewish Agency for Israel

For further information contact:
Michael Jankelowitz,
Liaison to the Foreign Press, Jewish Agency for Israel
Mobile: +972-52-6130220;
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