Mayor Barkat Opens Doors of Jerusalem to Residence of the South

January 14, 2009 / 18 Tevet 5769

(Communicated by Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat's Foreign Media Aide)

Statement from Mayor Nir Barkat:

"Especially here in Jerusalem, we understand how hard times like these are for the residents of the South. Throughout Israel, we are one family and my heart goes out to all of our fellow citizens of the South during this most difficult of times. All of Jerusalem has opened their hearts and opened their doors in order to do everything we can to help ease the pain and inconveniences of the residents of the South."

Matching Families:

Through, the website of the Municipality of Jerusalem, and the municipal hotline 106, more than 200 families from the South have been matched with families in Jerusalem who have offered to host them during the operation. With the city's matching services, families throughout Jerusalem are opening their homes to entire families from the South. The service matches families based on several criteria, incorporating preferences from both the Jerusalem hosts and guests from the South.

"From Jerusalem, With Love, To Residents of the South"

Since the start of the operation, Mayor Barkat, in partnership with the Jewish Agency and in cooperation with a variety of businesses and institutions throughout Jerusalem, launched the program "From Jerusalem, With Love, To Residents of the South." Residents of the South have received and continue to receive a discount of 10%, 20%, and 30% at dozens of participating retailers and restaurants. Participating locations have received large stickers to place in the windows displaying the percentage discount for residents of the South.

Furthermore, Mayor Barkat and the Municipality of Jerusalem have arranged for free admission or a 50% discount on admission to 35 cultural institutions throughout Jerusalem, in addition to discounts of 25-50% at more than two dozen hotels throughout the city. Mayor Barkat and the Municipality of Jerusalem have arranged for parking throughout the city to be free of charge to residents of the South.

Educational Cooperation:

More than 300 students from the South have been welcomed into the municipal educational system, including in kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools, and high school. In partnership with the Jewish Agency, Mayor Nir Barkat and the municipality of Jerusalem have hosted and entertained more than 7,000 youth in Jerusalem. The children of the South have toured the Zoo, Botanical Gardens, Tower of David Museum, and the Science Museum. In addition, on the first of January, children of the South were greeted by Mayor Nir Barkat at the Western Wall.

Elementary school students throughout Jerusalem and their parents have sent hundreds of packages to soldiers in the South involved with the operation packed with personal letters, blessings, candy, paintings and drawings, scarves, gloves, and other winter items.

For more details, please contact Mayor Barkat's Foreign Media Aide Stephan Miller at 02-6297720.

For further information contact:
Michael Jankelowitz,
Liaison to the Foreign Press, Jewish Agency for Israel
Mobile: +972-52-6130220
Voice-mail: +972-2-620-2780 



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