Mr. Sharansky and Mr. Vigdor Said They Would Work Together in the Upcoming Months

December 24, 2009 / 7 Tevet 5770

Director-General of Jewish Agency, Moshe Vigdor, has acceded to the request of the Minister of Education and the Chairman of the Budget and Planning Committee of the Council for Higher Education to serve as the Director-General of the Council for Higher Education and its Budget and Planning Committee.

Moshe Vigdor began serving as Director-General of the Jewish Agency in 2005 and is completing his 5-year tenure during which he served under three chairmen. During this period, the Jewish Agency adopted a new strategic plan, and comprehensive processes for structural changes and efficiency measures were carried out.

In the years in which Mr. Vigdor served as Director-General, the Jewish Agency has undergone a comprehensive reform in the way it is run, while at the same time it has adapted itself to global changes in the Jewish world and in Jewish philanthropy. It has adopted modern management tools, administrative and financial transparency as well as operating systems for measurement and evaluation.

Before coming to the Jewish Agency, Moshe Vigdor served as Director-General and Vice President of the Hebrew University, and is therefore familiar with the intricacies of the system of higher education in Israel.

The Chairman of the Jewish Agency, Mr. Natan Sharansky, expressed his sorrow for Mr. Vigdor's decision to leave, but noted that he understands his decision to take upon himself a new national mission in the field of higher education. He thanked Mr. Vigdor for his outstanding contribution and dedication to the Jewish Agency, the Jewish world and the State of Israel, as well as for the Jewish Agency's many recent achievements which were fruits of his dedication and talent. Mr. Sharansky and Mr. Vigdor said they would work together in the upcoming months in order to ensure a smooth and proper transfer of the position to the person who will be selected.

Mr. Vigdor will continue to serve as Director-General of the Jewish Agency until the meetings of the Board of Governors taking place in St. Petersburg at the end of February.

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