The Jewish Agency to Open Tikkun Olam Center in Oaxaca, Mexico

Young Jewish Adult Volunteers to Tutor Local Youth and Open Kitchen Classroom

New York, NY; May 13, 2013—The Jewish Agency for Israel will open a Tikkun Olam center this June in Oaxaca, Mexico. It will be The Agency’s fourth Tikkun Empowerment Network (Project TEN) site. Currently, The Agency operates Project TEN sites in Gondar, Ethiopia; Hyderabad, India; and Kiryat Shmona, Israel.

Project TEN is a global initiative that brings together Jewish young adults from Israel and around the world to work and learn together in impoverished communities worldwide. Since the Project TEN program launched last year, young Jews from Israel, United States, Canada, France, Great Britain and South Africa have lived and worked together at the three overseas TEN sites to teach English and computers, run day camps, help local farmers and communities with sustainable agriculture and local infrastructure projects, assist seniors, and comfort the terminally ill.

“Nowhere in the Jewish world is a there a service-learning program of a similar scope that brings Jews from all corners of the globe together to make a difference,” said Nir Lahav, director of The Jewish Agency’s social action unit. “By spending three months working and learning together to help empower the poor and vulnerable, young Jewish adults from different backgrounds find common ground as they build partnerships with one another. These partnerships will turn into lifelong friendships, the sorts of connections critical to a secure, global Jewish future.”

The local community in Oaxaca has suffered several natural disasters that have hurt residents economically and made them even more vulnerable to future disasters.  The Jewish Agency’s Project TEN volunteers will live on a coffee and cocoa plantation and work in full partnership with CADENA, Mexico’s Committee for Natural Disasters and Emergencies.  Together they will train young community leaders, help local farmers market their products, and promote ecosystem regeneration through water recovery. In addition, the TEN volunteers will open a kitchen where local children can share meals and receive English and math tutoring.

“The expansion of Project TEN to Mexico demonstrates the growing interest of young Jews throughout Israel and the Diaspora to connect with one another while doing important work,” said Alan Hoffmann, The Jewish Agency’s director general. “These experiences are life-changing for our participants, and without question represent opportunities for them to understand one another through shared Jewish values and meaningful service to vulnerable communities.”




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21 May 2013 / 12 Sivan 5773 0