Julio Lozano, Ester Garzon and their children.

A New Year in a New Homeland

At a Rosh Hashana party in Beersheva’s Yeelim Absorption Center for New Immigrants, 100 participants gathered, including both olim and Masa participants from the former Soviet Union studying Hebrew at By Sarah Bronson
ג'ורדנה בראון

Jerusalem: Jordana’s Sukkot Holiday

She made Aliyah to Israel from Queens, NY. And this is her first Sukkot in Israel as a new immigrant. Yes, she always dreamed of coming here. And now, as a student at the Ulpan Hebrew program, she’s By נתן רועי

The Bitter and the Sweet

Naomi Shemer was a famous Israeli songwriter who wrote such Hebrew classics as “Al Kol Eleh” (“For the Honey, and for the bee’s sting . . . for the bitter and for the sweet”). As Kibbutz Kinneret, her By נתן רועי