Jewish children in Lublin, Poland.

The Déjà Vu of Tisha B’Av

Today, Jews are again running away from Ukraine and France and other places, where being openly Jewish is no longer safe. Again. Today, we are fighting terrorist forces in Gaza who are totally By Misha Galperin
יעל דרוקמן

The Sirens Made Me Israeli

Yael Druckman of Johanesburg, SA, made Aliyah shortly before the beginning of Operation Protective Edge. The sirens were her first introduction to Israeliness – “the sirens made me Israeli”. By נתן רועי
צבע אדום

Just A Minute

A poem about the war, written by Yosef Wolkovitz, a new Oleh from Mexico, an artist living in the Yeelim Absorption Center in Beersheva. By Jewish Agency