A whole generation that's fighting for this country—for all of us to live in security and be free.

Letters from the Front Lines

A letter from Bar Artov from Mabueem, in the Regional Council of Merchavim. Bar is the daughter of Ile Artov, a graduate of Peoplehood 2 and member of the Partnership2Gether Steering Committee, and By Jewish Agency
Israelis take cover in southern Israel from incoming rocketfire.

Not An Easy Time To Be Israeli

Times like this show us who we are. We would be hard pressed to find another nation as fiercely dedicated to the well-being of far-away "brothers and sisters" than the Jewish people. This By Natan Sharansky
Amigour home hit by Gaza rockets in Netivot.

Amigour Homes Hit By Gaza Rockets

UPDATE: JULY 17, 2014: Tonight a Hamas missile fired from Gaza hit an apartment in an Amigour Home in Netivot. Luckily the apartment was empty and was about to be occupied in the near future. No one By Jewish Agency