Citizenship and Travel Documents

If a new immigrant wants to travel outside of Israel, after 90 days from their Aliyah date, they need to obtain a 'Teudat Ma'avar.' A new immigrant is eligible for a passport one year after arrival.

An Oleh is considered to be an Israeli citizen from their date of Aliyah.

An Oleh from a country which does not allow dual citizenship has a 90 day period following date of Aliyah during which they may decline Israeli citizenship.

How does a person decline Israeli citizenship? 

By filling out an "ARLI" form at their local branch of Misrad Hapnim within 90 days of their date of receiving Oleh status.

Why would a person decline Israeli citizenship?

Generally because they are a citizen of a country where dual citizenship is not allowed.

Travelling abroad subsequent to Aliyah

An Oleh can enter and exit Israel using their foreign passport for 90 days following their date of Aliyah.

90 days after receiving Aliyah status, an Oleh is required to have a Teudat Ma'avar (Temporary Passport / Laissez Passer) in order to exit the country.