Kiryat Malachi & Hof Ashkelon

“Partnership 2Gether”, a program of the Jewish Agency and the Jewish federations all over the world, is a global platform connecting about 550 communities around the world in 45 partnerships. Our partnership, P2G Hof Ashkelon- Kiryat Malachi, was established in 1995, based on focusing on promoting interpersonal relations between the citizen of Kiryat Malachi, Hof Ashkelon and Jews living in Seattle, Tuscon and Phoenix, while strengthening the connection and affinity to Israel in general and to the partnership’s region in particular, with emphasis on our global Jewish identity. The partnership’s activity is composed of educational and cultural border crossing programs, based on the understanding that only through personal and direct connections, answering the needs of each community, there are significant and long term connections that empower the local community, strengthen the connections with Israel and create significant change in the term of “global Jewish community”. The real partnership between the communities is expressed in joint educational programs at the schools, many mutual visits, social and economic development, counselors for summer camps in the USA, developing young leadership in Kiryat Malachi etc. The partnership and the various projects create real connections and partnership between people, families, youth, teachers, organizations, institutions, adults and children. The partnership is based on ideas and programs initiated by the volunteers acting at the various partnership’s frames and steering committees. Great importance is given to those who regard themselves as agents of change who are able to make more significant connections between the communities. Hence, the partnership is open to receive ideas and new people who regard the promotion of connections between the communities a great mission.