Western Galilee and Central Region

A Light Unto the Nations אור לגויים

Partnership2Gether (P2G), has, over the past 15 years, become the Jewish Agency for Israel’s and the Jewish Federations of North America’s most successful and effective model for creating enduring and meaningful partnerships between global Jewish communities and communities in Israel. It is now the central platform for the promotion, empowerment and development of deep connections among Jewish communities.

The U.S. Central Area Consortium (12 U.S. Jewish communities listed above), Budapest, Hungary and Israel’s Western Galilee promote personal relationship building by creating an active network of people through our cultural, educational, social, medical and economic programs. P2G builds a living bridge among our communities. The impact of these programs move far beyond the group level, each of us has the opportunity to become directly and personally involved.

Our P2G mission is to promote mutually beneficial endeavors between the people of the Central Area Consortium and the Western Galilee forging relationships through programs that build Jewish identity and strengthen ties and connections. Community members are called upon to be agents of change and create stronger bonds through the programs. The Partnership is open to new ideas and people who wish to connect between the Central Area Consortium communities, Budapest and the Western Galilee.

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We work within a structure of four task forces;



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Western Galilee – Central Area Consortium Partnership2Gether
58 Haaliya Street, Nahariyah 22386, Israel
Phone: 972-4-9512976 / Fax: 972-4-9512975
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