Photographs (©) by Enrique Kierszenbaum


The Cumulative Effect of



Ben Yehuda Terror Attack and the twelve soldiers fallen in


 - September 1997 -


In two separate events on September 4th, we relive the pain and confront once again the dilemmas which figure so prominently in our lives.

There is no doubt that there is a cumulative effect of shock, but today you will note that life has resumed its normal pattern - the shops are full, the market is busy, the army carries on defending the northern border.

Yet the country is in mourning - for the death of three schoolgirls and a shop assistant, together with the loss in action of twelve young soldiers. It is a time for accounting, to ourselves and our leaders: What options would guarantee us peace of mind to go about our daily lives and bring security?

  • Think of what could prevent a repetition of events like the bombings in Mahane Yehuda, Ben Yehuda St., and the ambush in Lebanon and ask yourself what these options are. Choose one of the ideas below or suggest another possibility:
    • Total, hermetically sealed separation of Israel from the PA, and Israel's neighbors during the continuation of the peace process.
    • Acceleration of negotiations under present arrangements.
    • Cessation of Peace Process.
    • Relaxation of controls and demands during negotiation of the next stage under "Oslo" and development of the other tracks.
    • Major concessions with a view to completing the negotiations on all tracks.
    • Other ideas...


  • What do you know about the following:
    • Who controls the Hamas and who backs it?
    • Who controls life in South Lebanon and who backs them?
    • Who else is active in South Lebanon and who backs them?


  • If you lived here, would you:
    • go shopping in Dizengoff [Tel Aviv] or the Mahane Yehuda market and Ben Yehuda Mall [Jerusalem]?
    • open your shop or cafe for business after a bomb blast?
    • change your behavior after a while?


  • If you lived in Jerusalem, what would you recommend be done:
    • by the Israeli government?
    • by the public at large?
    • by the private individual?







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