The Moshav (January 1935) Menachem Osishkin visiting in Kfar Vitkin

Moshav in the central Sharon (Hefer Plain); the first settlement on the Hefer Plain.

Founded in 1930 by a group of veteran agricultural workers and named after first aliyah pioneer Joseph Vitkin.

In the late 1940's, Kfar Vitkin became the largest moshav in the country, with over 1,100 inhabitants.

Today, the population of the moshav is almost 800.

Its main economic branches are farming - orange groves, dairy cattle and poultry - and a factory producing pectin and other orange peel derivatives.

  Children feeding the chickens

Entry taken from "Junior Judaica, Encyclopedia Judaica for Youth" CD-ROM

by C.D.I. Systems 1992 (LTD) and Keter.



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