Moshav in the eastern Lower Galilee, founded in 1899 by the "Jewish Colonization Association" (JCA) as a training farm. Also known by its Arab name - Sejerah. The name Ilaniya, derived from Ilan - "Tree", is the Hebrew translation of the Arabic name of the former Arab village, Sejerah. In 1902, Ilaniya became a moshava. Many Second Aliyah* pioneers, among them David Ben Gurion*, worked there as hired laborers. In 1909, "HaShomer"* (the Watchman) assocation was founded in Ilaniya.

The village came under heavy Arab siege during the War of Independence*, and was relieved only in July 1948. In 1953, through the "Town to Country" movement, the practically abandoned village was revived by Israeli-born settlers and immigrants from Poland, Rumania, and later from Morocco, and became a moshav. A youth center and school were opened on the site of the original HaShomer farm.

Ilaniya counts about 300 inhabitants today.




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