From the Golan to Eilat. A quick view of places in Israel




The remains of a Crusader breakwater and the massive Ottoman seawalls still protect the ancient city of Acre from the ocean rollers of the Mediterranean.


A city in the southern coastal plain of Eretz Israel


The Nahal Hermon Reserve (Banias)

Beer Tuvia

Moshav on the southern Coastal Plain of Israel

Beit Alfa

Beit Alfa is in the eastern Jezreel Valley at the foot of Mount Gilboa in Israel


A city on the Mediterranean coast south of Haifa, was originally known as Straton's Tower.


The Southern Golan

Kibbutz Ein-Gedi

Ein-Gedi is an oasis on the western shore of the Dead Sea and one of the most important archaeological sites in the Judean Desert.


A city on the coastal plain of central Israel, 14 miles south of Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv Links

Tel Aviv Centenary Collection תל אביב חוגגת 100 שנה להקמתה

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