Preserving their legacy

Preserving their legacy [1]

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL - The Jewish Agency for Israel and the Ministry of Senior Citizens' Affairs have undertaken a joint initiative as part of Project Le'Dorot [2] (Generations), a national database that documents the life stories of Holocaust survivors living in Israel.

However, about 1,000 out of the roughly 200,000 survivors pass away every month, and with them, their personal memories and vital experiences.
On Holocaust Remembrance Day and during the following week, dozens of Jewish Agency, Bezeq and Bezeq Online employees have volunteered to take part in this special project to help preserve the remaining life stories and memories of the survivors.
Those wishing to volunteer their own knowledge are welcome to register with Jewish Agency project coordinators, watch a short training video, and a Holocaust survivor team will help them document their story.
If you would like to take part in this important project to preserve the legacy for future generations, please contact Efrat Ben Yitzhak [3] ( [3]).
Over a third of Israel’s elderly immigrant population are survivors living at or below the poverty line. Some 25 percent face food insecurity and must choose between meals and medications. About 28 percent of this population lives in unsafe housing. 
These harsh realities are further complicated by communication barriers that limit this vulnerable population from helping themselves. Primarily from the former Soviet Union and Europe, these older immigrants have few familial connections in Israel and require special attention. Their pensions are insufficient and they rely on numerous agencies and welfare offices for affordable housing, proper care, and quality of life.
This is where The Jewish Agency's Project La'ad [4] steps in. La'ad recruits and trains hundreds of volunteers to assist survivors by guiding them through a complex maze of international rights and regulations so that survivors are able to claim the assistance that is rightfully theirs, improve their standard of living and ensure their wellbeing. 


Holocaust Remembrance Day [5]Holocaust survivors [5]Voices Jewish Social Action [6]Inside the Jewish Agency [7]About 1,000 Holocaust survivors in Israel pass away every month, and with them, their life storiesLa'ad volunteers and Holocaust survivorLa'ad: helping elderly Holocaust survivors preserve their legacy for future generations La'ad: helping elderly Holocaust survivors preserve their legacy for future generations Laad: helping elderly Holocaust survivors preserve their legacy for future generations Remember - do not forget.Jewish Social Action
07 Apr 2013 / 27 Nisan 5773
07 Apr 2013 / 27 Nisan 5773 0
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נתן רועי

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