Your Day of Aliyah

Your Day of Aliyah [1]

We asked olim from around the globe why they chose to make Aliyah when they did. 

Aliyah [2]Voices Aliyah [3]Happy Yom AliyahThe Jewish Agency provides olim with benefits and an easy immigration process Michal Neuman (10) made Aliyah from New York 2 years ago because she loves Israel. She and her family visited often and she already knew her way around before they moved. Eitan Aronowitz (25) made Aliyah 2 years ago from South Africa to join his family after he finished university and to be a part of 'something bigger'. Hedva Rosen (33) made Aliyah from England 7 months ago because she wanted her daughter to grow up in Israel. Deborah Shayovitz (51) made Aliyah from Chile in 1980 to study in Israel after visiting the country on a 2-week high school trip. Sarah H. David (29) made Aliyah from California 4 years ago. After 'trying out' Israel on a teaching fellowship - she 'fell out of place' back in Los Angeles and decided to make her dream of Aliyah - which she held since she was 10 years old - a reality.The Jewish Agency joins the State of Israel in celebrating the first ever annual Yom Aliyah. Aliyah
08 Apr 2014 / 8 Nisan 5774
08 Apr 2014 / 8 Nisan 5774 0
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Margot Saffer is an olah chadasha writing from Jerusalem, Margot holds degrees in English, Media, and Psychology (cum laude), and a MPhil in Life-Writing. Her poetry, prose, journalism, and academic work have been published in three languages, on four continents. Her interests are social activism, giving voice to minority populations, and personal profiles.